Friday, December 31, 2010

My Hobbie!!

Photography is one of those things that relaxes me. I enjoy taking pictures and then I enjoy editing them once I am done. It is something that I could literally sit and do for hours. Could I make a living doing it? Probably not because I am not because I am not that good, so I will just continue to have fun with it. My three angels!


This is one of my favorites!

John at age 12

Jess age 10

Abbi age 7

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!


Every year on Christmas Eve Matt sets up our train under the tree. It is always fun to see the kids faces on Christmas morning when they get up and realize the train is around the tree. The presents have always been rearranged and the train is on and playing its Christmas music. As you can see this year Matt made a tunnel with the presents for the train to go under.

Jess with her loot from Santa! She specifically asked for a blue sock monkey and she got it.

Abbi with her doll that Santa brought.

John loves the guitar Santa brought him!! He can't wait to have lessons and learn to play.

Abbi with her new boots! She had been asking from some for over two months and was so excited to finally have them.

Abbi with her beautiful porcelain doll. The girls get a new porcelain doll every year.

Jess opening her doll. Matt found a really cute set this year at an antique shop. Both girls love the dolls!

Here is Jess' doll!!

John wanted a mask that covers his entire face, I think he got it. When he goes out to play in the snow the only thing he complained about getting cold was his face.

John in his new hoodie.

Me with my new wallet, I needed on desperately.

Matt with is 1776 history book. He loves history!!

Jess in her new hat and shirt! She is so full of it, as you can see.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve at mom's house. Myself and all of my brothers went in on a present for my mom and Ron. Mom and Ron opened the present Christmas Eve while we were there for the party. We got them a GPS system and they were very surprised. The thing that mom loved the most though was the card we gave them that was signed by all.
Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. Everyone is more joyful and willing to spread the good cheer. I appreciate that my kids are getting older and we can focus more on the true meaning of Christmas, Christ! I enjoy that they are able to look outside of themselves and think of others. They get anxious to shop for each other and what they can do for others.
Christmas morning is so much fun because they all get excited to see the presents opened that came from them.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Concert and Recital Time!!

It is that wonderful time of year when we get to see our children display their talents in various concerts and recitals. I love the weeks leading up to these concerts especially at Christmas time. I have always loved Christmas music and with all three of my children playing the piano and John the violin, I get to hear a lot of Christmas music. These are not the best recordings, but I hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!